Writing blogs and content has always been my hobby and above all research has been my number 1 hobby. So as per my research I have listed down 11 ways as how to get more traffic on your blogs

1.       Blog Consistently 2.       Catchy Headlines 3.       Quality Content
4.       Medium Sized Blogs 5.       Social Sharing 6.       Article Sites
7.       Blog Directories 8.       SEO 9.       Appropriate Tags
10.   Link to other blogs 11.   Long Tailed Keywords  


  1. Blog Consistently – Consistency should be the main goal for any blogger. A blogger needs to updated his blogs on consistent basis so that every time a user lands on your blogs he has new and updated information on various topics
  2. Catchy Headlines – Headlines needs to be catchy so that users are induced to click on your blogs and always create attractive headlines so that users have an interest to read the article.
  3. Quality Content – Writing helpful and quality content can attract other bloggers link to your articles and in the long term increase the traffic on your website.
  4. Medium sized blogs – Write a write which is neither too short or too long. Keep the articles at least 300 – 500 words long and make sure that you write unique content.
  5. Social sharing – make sure that you share all your blogs on social media sites like facebook, google plus, twitter, pinterest etc. Share your blogs to your friends and family members and get to subscribe to your blogs.
  6. Article Sites – Publish your blogs on High PR Article submission sites like ezine article, article alley etc
  7. Blog Directories – Submit your blog to various blog directories like alltop, blogcatalog, blogdir, blogflux etc.
  8. SEO – This has become the trend for every blogger. You need to put the right keywords in the title, descrption, heading, anchors  & alt tag  and make sure that your blog is SEO friendly & mobile so that you get higher ranking in google for your blog post
  9. Appropriate Tags – Use the right tags for your blogs. Don’t over stuff your blog with keywords but make sure you have the right tag or label for your blog.
  10. Link to other blogs – Link your blogs to the right sources so that users can benefit on your website and in turn you can get link to your website from those who you are linking out to
  11. Long tailed keywords – Use long tailed keywords in your blogs because in today world scenario people use long term search phrases to search for a particular content and long tailed keywords leads to more conversion that short tailed keywords.
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