Every PPC marketer needs to creative an effective Text ads in Google Adwords so that he can reach the right goals that he has set for his campaign and also get the right audience for his business
In this post I would like to highlight 15 important points as how to create effective and killer text ads, that will serve the right audience. the text ads have been replace with expanded text ads
!) Always have your Primary keyword or main targeted keyword in the Headline of your text ad
2) Always add that same primary and various keyword various of the primary keyword in the keyword section of you adgroup
3) Have a clear and enticing Call to action in your ad like Book Now, Apply now, Register Today, Buy Now etc .
4) Always add your benefits first and then your Features in your ad
5) Always see to it that the text you have on your ad is also available in the landing page of your website, because the users are coming on your website searching for their need and if they don’t find that need, the may bounce off
6) Add all types of sitelinks possible on your text ads as it will increase the CTR of your ads
7) Highlight the Offers in your ad like 50% Discount, 20 % off till offers ends and so on and you need to be very clear and need to be mentioned in your landing page too
8) Make the best use of Disp;ay URL and highlight some important words in the path section of the display URL. You can even add your search term or brand term or any other call to action also in the display URL
9 ) Your destination URL should not lead them to your home page but your right landing page which is relevant with your text ad
10) make use of every space in the description section and highlight your Company’s USP in the description line.
11) Create different variations of your ad text and do AB testing for those ads
12) After Optimization , include one of your highest performing keyword in that ad
13) End your headline 2 with punctuation because it will help your headline 1 to be aligned with headline 2
14 ) Include your Price in the ad, so that you get the right audience to click and come on your landing page
15 ) Make use of Dynamic Keyword Insertion to some extent
16 ) if you want to make mass edits to your text ad, make use of Adwords Editor tool

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