Quality Score is an important metric in Google AdWords. Keywords that have a high quality score can get their Ads ranked on higher position in Google Search Network even if their bids are lesser than its competitors. Ad Rank of every keyword is depended on quality score and the Maximum bid. Higher the quality score, less CPC for that keyword is what the advertiser will incur for that keyword. I will highlight some important way as to how you can increase the quality score of your ads

These are some of the 14 important tips for increasing the  Quality score

  • Ad Relevancy – When a user searches for a query, its query should more or less match the ad Text in the headline of the Ad Copy
  • Landing Page Quality – The keywords in the Ad text should match with the same keywords in the landing page of your website
  • Keywords Relevancy – keywords in the ad should match the headline in the ads
  • Ad extension – Sites that have ad extension also gets a good benefit  of high quality score
  • The Geographic Performance of your ads is also considered an important factor in measuring the quality score of your ad
  • CTR – higher the CTR of your ads, higher is he quality score of your ads.
  • Targeted Devices – How well your ads perform on various targeted devices is also considered a factor in ranking the ad
  • Using negative can also increase the quality score of your keywords
  • How well your ads performs on display network is also an added consideration
  • Historic performs of ad is also also used for measuring QS
  • Make use of negative keywords
  • Delete irrelevant keywords
  • Make use of exact match keywords
  • Try to minimize the use of broad keywords
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